Naming the Gig

Bien Trouvé

Gig launch
The official launch: 2001

The Moray Gig’s name Bien Trouvé was given her by HRH Prince Charles Duke of Rothesay on 1st October 2001.

The Moray Gig was called Bien Trouvé after a French brigantine which came to Findhorn in 1746 with despatches for Bonnie Prince Charlie. The departure of brigantine, ‘Le Bien Trouvé’, was delayed by the arrival of two ships of the British Navy. They were unable to follow her over the bar into the shallow water of Findhorn Bay,  and so she was able to escape on a moonless night and returned to France, carrying the prince’s aide-de-camp; arriving at Dunkirk on the day of the battle of Culloden.

bien trouve

Originally, all Atlantic Challenge gigs had French names, being replicas of a 1796 French longboat. (See “What’s Napoleon got to do with it?”)