The Moray Gig, Bien Trouvé, will be in commission each season after her winter refit from the middle of April. Sailings depend on the time of high water.


Gig Times and Tidal Windows.

Sailing in Findhorn bay

Times for arrival of booked groups are normally 3 – 3.5 hours before high water (based on HW Burghead).  This gives time for briefing and preparation. The earliest start time is 0900 hrs. with 2100 hrs. being the latest finish time. Towards the end of the season, evening sailing sessions end earlier to take account of reduced daylight.

Use the calendar and tide timetable below to estimate the likely outing timings for the day of your choice.

Meeting Place

Groups meet at the appointed time at the Boat Shed behind the Findhorn Village Centre.

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Instructions on how to get there are included in the ‘information to participants pack’ that is sent out on confirmation of booking.

To book, use the details at the bottom to make an initial contact…

(see booking outings)

Once you have been out with us, use our Twitter and Facebook pages to tell us and others what you thought.   #moraygig