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 What can the Moray Gig offer young people?

Antrim 2009

The gig offers a positive learning experience, teaching traditional seamanship and teamwork skills. It also provides (not just) young people with opportunities for social interaction and increasing self-confidence. The Moray Gig Committee would like to offer all interested young people the experience of training aboard the gig. The gig provides one-off as well as specific training sessions and courses to local schools and youth groups. Outf!t-Moray, a local outdoor-activities project, uses the Moray Gig for all its sailing programmes. Groups from further afield also take advantage of the Moray Gig, staying at the Findhorn Village Centre which provides self-catering accommodation. On Loch Neagh 2009

I can honestly say that Atlantic Challenge is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It has certainly affected for the better how I have grown up and how I perceive life.

{John, Atlantic Challenge crew member, aged 21}

Young people from Moray have joined the UK crew in the International Contest of Seamanship at Maine in 2002, Fishguard 2004, Genoa 2006, Jakobstad, Finland in 2008.  Following that UKAC became ACGB and Moray young people joined the ACGB crew in Ontario, Canada in 2010, Bantry, Ireland in 2012, France 2014 and Denmark in 2016. The next contest will be in Antrim, Northern Ireland in 2018.

Atlantic Challenge GB events are held in the intervening years. In July 2007 there was a regatta at the sportscotland sailing centre, Cumbrae and in July 2009 there was one in Antrim, Northern Ireland attended by six gigs.


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